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Patient Testimonials



Kirk Watson

Being from Colorado and so far away from my family and friends, Gift of Life makes it possible to make new friends in similar situations. While I wait for my transplants, Gift of Life has eased my loneliness. Seeing the strength in others and the unique way each of us deals with our emotions is the best way for me to battle against my fears and depression.

Gift of Life has a special spirit of caring – there is comfort in knowing you have a safe and friendly place to stay.
-Kirk Watson, heart/liver/kidney transplant



Jan Lewis

At Gift of Life I am renewed daily as I see examples of courage and strength from others who are waiting for or healing after transplants. The opportunity to give support as well as receive it was an unexpected gift.
-Jan Lewis, waiting for a lung transplant


Dick Rabb

The Gift of Life Transplant House is a lovely and wonderful home away from home, staffed by caring and cheerful people that make it a comforting place to live during a difficult time.  The community environment experienced here gives patients and caregivers alike the opportunity to meet and share their personal situations.  Seeing positive results of someone’s treatment gives the entire house reason to celebrate.  This home is truly a gift…a gift of home, of comfort, and most importantly, a gift of life.
-Dick Rabb, stem cell transplant patient
-Sarah Rabb, caregiver

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